Greener Preservation

The Greener Preservation Token (GPT) is a biodiversity credit digital token marketed to companies seeking to neutralize their Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

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Equivalent to


soccer fields of preserved aereas


tCO² stored by preserved biomass

more than


protected species

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Token works

What is GPT?

 The Greener Preservation Token (GPT) represents a biodiversity credit equivalent to an individual ton, having a unique identification (hash) composed of its documentation. 

Security and traceability

 Our assets are registered at Polygon (infrastructure that allows scaling the Ethereum network) and sent to the Jade fund, where they are managed by REAG Investimentos and audited by PWC.

Why buy?

 The carbon credit is generated in projects for the conservation of Amazonian forests and, through the purchase of GPT, the projects keep the area preserved, acting in the sequestration of atmospheric CO2. 


Our certificates are issued through Greener DNA, characterized as a Soulbound Token, making the NFT non-transferable and keeping records of all data from the retired biodiversity credit as well as who consumed it.

Custody powered by



We use the latest technology for transparency and security.

Each GPT has a unique identification (hash) that represents a serial number that links the GPT with the biodiversity credit generation information.

Harvest Number



 Companies with a sustainable mindset, aligned with ESG practices, stand out from their competitors.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the environment, so, being a strong brand means getting involved in ESG issues as a strategic business pillar

Let's calculate?

Take the first step on the Greener journey. We built a tool to calculate greenhouse gas emissions based on your responses. This calculation shows how much tCO2eq must be compensated.

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