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We are ReFI and strong believer in the use of technology to tackle climate change through the use of carbon credits. Greener tokenizes green assets according to each project, whether for the tokenization of ESG assets or even in the solution and design of governance through the exchange process with the market.

More transparency, security, traceability and credibility in processes, added to technology. Green token model is subject to solid governance by international authorities and offers a viable option for offsetting carbon and GHGs, generating benefits for businesses and local communities, encouraging sustainable initiatives and helping society – Meet GPT (Greener Preservation Token)
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03.21.2023 – International Day of Forests

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Who we are

Greener is the future of sustainability. Thinking of an increasingly green future, we have developed a technology to offset carbon emissions and greenhouse gases of companies by preserving a vast area of ​​native forest. Whoever joins this idea guarantees direct participation in sustainable actions and maintenance of an ecosystem, through projects for the conservation of native forests of Amazonas, Mato Grosso, Pará and Rondônia.

Why to acquire?

Pertinent and pressing, climate change issues are amongst the most discussed subjects in recent years. Governments and societies around the world recognize the need for immediate actions, especially with regard to Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. Therefore, society pressures governments and companies to act more responsibly and adopt more sustainable practices, such as the control of gas emissions. This is where biodiversity credit comes in – through the blockchain technology – allowing the compensation of emissions in a practical, safe and transparent way. This GHG emissions’ offset with Carbon Tokens is a robust, well-governed, and transparent process that provides full security and confidence in the adoption of ESG practices.

How it helps?

The acquisition of biodiversity credits (GPTs) finances forest conservation projects by inciting landowners to preserve the virginity of the God gifted Amazon forest and value the ecosystem services provided by nature, such as: climate regulation, increased biodiversity,  preservation of springs and rivers, and soil filtration. Local communities are key stakeholders to benefit from the conservation project, because they can make their living from resources extracted from forests in a sustainable way.


Take the first step to your Greener journey. We built a tool to calculate greenhouse gas emissions based on your answers. This calculation will show how much tCO2eq must be offset.

 Our certificates are issued through Greener DNA, characterized as a Soulbound Token, a non-transferable NFT that keeps records of all data from the retired biodiversity credit, as well as who consumed it, delivering more security to our users.


Our token is audited and certified by the largest companies in the world

The Swiss SGS grants an assurance statement to the UEC certifier as an ESG protocol. EYⓔ also revalidates the asset valuation methodology. PWC audits the fund that controls Golden Green, which backs the allocated Token, and count on  REAG Investments management.

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Greener Projects



The validity of the credits is indeterminate until the date of retirement by the acquirer.


There are 506,564 hectares of preservation of native forests in the regions of Mato Grosso, Pará, Amazonas, and Rondônia.


There are 74,227,800 tCO2e stored by the preserved biomass.


The totality of GPT (Greener Preservation Token) issued represents services for the conservation of the Amazon rainforest effectively performed and converted into an unquestionable benefit to the Planet.


Did you know that Greener protects more than just the native bush? There are 192 species of mammals, 460 fish, 500 reptiles, 368 birds, and 200 amphibians.


The assets issued refer to areas located in the Legal Amazon, with Madeira, Teles Pires, Xingu, and Arinos cores.

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How it works?
Through some information about your business it is possible to estimate how much your company emits and then offset, minimizing your environmental impact.