Everything you and your business need to know about carbon neutrality.

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After all, what is it?

In summary, neutral carbon is the CO2 balance that emits an equivalent absorption of carbon from the atmosphere. So how about we raise awareness of the issue of carbon dioxide neutralization?

What can companies do in this scenario? ‍💼📈

Brands must be carbon neutral first, as they must reduce the carbon generated during their production to offset it with carbon credits. 

The purchase of carbon credits becomes necessary for the company’s responsibility and the preservation of the environment. But making this viable is not a simple task, you need to have an efficient platform to give those carbons full visibility on the carbon credits generated. First of all the company needs to know what is being released into the atmosphere, then there is talk of carbon credits.

Laws and consumers demand a position from companies on the subject. Carbon neutral products and services are a necessity. Making use of carbon products a form of individual participation in the consumption agenda and means of zero lifestyle choices.

Kyoto’s Protocol targets were to reduce pre-Greenhouse Protocol 2008 and 2012 global changes for the purpose of global reduction, pre-Greenhouse Protocol 1990 for the purpose of global reduction.

The Paris Agreement aims to achieve a balance of gases by greenhouse effect sources and removals by mid-century. The Agreement includes commitments by all countries to reduce their emissions and work together to adapt to the impacts of climate change. Will companies be able to fulfill this commitment?

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The future of zero carbon, in numbers.💰

Only in Brazil, from a study carried out by WayCarbon, it was found that the expectation is to reach up to US$100 billion of carbon credits, until the end of this decade.

Neutral or free? 🤷

The difference in concept needs to be clear. A company that is carbon neutral still emits greenhouse gases, but uses effect measurement designs to get to zero on a subtraction account in the aggregate. The ideal of the whole system is to become carbon free. Abandoning processes that result in the emission of greenhouse gases would make the company “free” of carbon, which would be a utopia, since countless types of day-to-day actions involve carbon emissions.

Mini dictionary of terms related to good environmental practices. 📓🌳

Carbon Negative: A carbon negative company removes more carbon from the atmosphere than it releases. This requires going beyond carbon neutrality.

Carbon Footprint: is the amount of greenhouse gases (including carbon dioxide and methane) left as a ‘trail’ in the most varied activities. We can measure it in kg or tons of CO2e (in kg or tons of CO2 equivalent to the different greenhouse gases emitted).

Greenhouse effect: physical process that occurs by the concentration of gases in the atmosphere, which form a layer that allows the passage of sunlight and the absorption of heat.

GHGs: Greenhouse gases are substances that absorb and emit radiant energy in the thermal infrared range, causing the phenomenon of the greenhouse effect. One of the GHGs is carbon dioxide.

Natural carbon reservoir: it is a place that absorbs more carbon than it emits. These main natural deposits are the soil, forests and oceans. According to some indicators, natural sinks remove between 9.5 and 11 Gt of CO2 per year.

How about us facing it?

Greener has a technology that makes it viable to monetize its preservation through the monetization of environmental services, calculated in the volume of retained CO2. Companies that buy our GPT (Greener Preservation Token) can either hold it as an asset/investment or burn it to reverse their environmental impact.

Unlike many other sources, we sell genuinely GREEN 💚 carbon credit, that is from native forests. The carbon of the Greener preservation is not environmental, but it is used to preserve the carbon areas in the world.


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