About Carbon

UEC stands for Carbon Storage Unit, which is the unit used to generate the GPT token (Greener Preservation Token). One GPT equals one UEC, which represents 1 ton of carbon credit 

NFT stands for Non-Fusible Token, i.e. a token that is unique and not comparable to another. At Greener you will have the opportunity to purchase NFTs aimed at preserving the standing forest, always signed by renowned artists and engaged with the environmental issue. 


Simply, on the main page of the site, click on OFFSET and register on the Greener platform to be able to buy the GPT token or offset your carbon footprint or that of your company. 


The calculator is designed for you and your company to find out the amount of GPTs needed to offset your company’s carbon footprint. By answering the questionnaire, you will receive a result that will serve as support for the compensation process.

Carbon credit is a concept that appeared in 1997, within the Kyoto Protocol. Its main objective is to reduce the emission of the gases responsible for the greenhouse effect. Whoever reduces carbon emissions earns a certificate that can be negotiated. 

One carbon credit corresponds to one ton of carbon not emitted. 

A forest carbon credit is the generation of credits from the preservation of untouched forests, that is, forests that have not had the presence of society. The methodology for this type of carbon credit evaluates the ecosystem service provided by the producer and calculates the volume of tons of CO2 equivalent (tCO2e) of carbon removed from the atmosphere during the 12-month period, called the harvest. 

Carbon footprinting is the calculation of the amount of greenhouse gases we produce from everyday activities. It can be calculated for governments, businesses, and individuals. 


To compensate a carbon footprint, a person or company must purchase the amount of carbon credits equivalent to the amount of carbon in their carbon footprint. 


To calculate the amount of carbon emitted, it is necessary to make an inventory of the company’s emissions to understand which are the emission sources. From this information, it is possible to properly calculate what the carbon footprint is. 

There are some companies that specialize in calculating carbon emissions. 


All generated credits are registered and traded in an electronic platform with data processing in blockchain system. The platform ensures full traceability of each UEC issued, allowing the identification of the original forest, the harvest year, the CPR and any transactions submitted until the end of the credit period. 

This way of controlling the issue and circulation of the UEC’s guarantees total transparency of the entire process and ensures the traceability of each of the units and that no credit will be used more than once. 

Greener Carbon Credits are original from carbon stock projects that act in the biodiversity conservation of native forests in the Amazon region. In addition, whoever buys Greener, gets a certificate of carbon credit and commitment to the environment. 

To direct your purchase of Greener it is necessary to understand what your need is: compensation for your company or just to acquire carbon credit. To learn more, please contact us at contact@greenertokens.com  

About Polygon

Polygon is a blockchain ecosystem that uses the Ethereum network to provide faster and more affordable transactions. The Polygon network is carbon free, as it uses Proof-of-Stake (PoS), which, unlike Proof of Work (PoW), does not use the reward for mining crypto assets, but rewards the miner for transaction fees. This drastically reduces the CO2 generation that PoW protocol machines produce. 

You can check out more about Polygon at https://polygon.technology/ 

USDC is a stable coin that has parity with the dollar, that is, 1 USDC will always be equal to US$ 1.00. USDC is the cryptocurrency that will be used to buy GPTs on the Greener platform. 


Metamask is a digital wallet designed to store your Ethereum and Polygon network tokens. 

With it, you will be able to acquire GPTs when making the purchase with USDC, a cryptocurrency that can be used on Polygon Network, used by the Greener project for numerous reasons, including being a carbon free network. 

Metamask is easy to use and can be just a plug-in in your favorite browser. When entering the Greener platform, make sure you have the public number of your Metamask to carry out the desired operations. Detail: Metamask is completely free. 

You can download your Metamask through the website: https://metamask.io/  


Yes, you need a metamask to acquire GPTs. To download Metamask for free use the link: https://metamask.io/  

It is the operation that works to exchange cryptocurrencies or tokens from one blockchain to another. If you have ETH in your metamask wallet, you can swap to USDC and thus trade GPTs. 

When opting for the swap, Metamask will search for the best price and execute test transactions that the probability that the transaction will occur is high. Today, the failure rate in the swap process is very low. 

On the main screen of the Metamask swap you will see the value of the tokens that will be purchased according to the most recent quotation. Remember that there is a Gas Fee. So make sure you have the required amount of tokens for the transaction. 

All blockchain transactions are not instantaneous, so be aware of when the swap completes. 


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