Cookies Policy

We at GREENER operate this website, we use cookies. In this policy we will explain to you

how we or third parties use cookies while you have an experience on our website, whether

via mobile app or other devices.


1. What are Cookies?

Cookies are files created by the website and saved on your computer through your browser to

maximize the use of the website's functionality. These files contain information that also serve

to identify and customize the page according to the user's profile, facilitating navigation within

the web page.

Cookies also work to remind a user that they are logged into the website, if applicable.


2. How Cookies are used?

Cookies are used for more fluid browsing and for browsing data analysis services, such as

Google Analytics.

We recommend that you enable the use of cookies so that the experience of using the website

is the most appropriate.


3. What data are collected?

Some of these cookies are placed by us and others by third parties (e.g. social media platforms,

advertising and analytics providers, etc.).

The data collected as cookies are e-mail, IP, accesses and number of accesses.


4. Are there third-party cookie storage?

Third-party cookies are restricted to data collected for the analysis of website usage through

Google Analytics, a reliable service widely used by websites to measure visits and other



5. Can I disable cookies?

Yes, you can disable cookies by configuring your web browser. Deactivation may cause

difficulties in browsing this and other sites that you may browse.

To do this, follow the instructions provided by your browser (usually located under “Help”,

“Tools”, “Settings” or “Edit”). Additionally, some third parties have additional opt-out add-ons

that you can enable in your browser. For example, see Google's browser add-on services about

Google Analytics at


6. Changes in the use of cookies

Any changes to the use of cookies on this Site will be posted on the Cookie Preference portal. If

necessary, we may also incorporate these changes into our Cookie Policy and update it


7. How to contact us?

If you have any questions regarding our policy or use of cookies, please contact us at: You can also send your question at 143 Barão de Surui street, ZIP CODE

04612-120, Congonhas, São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil, under the care of the legal department.


Last update: 07/18/2022