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Greener offsets carbon footprint of Ronaldinho's trip. The goal of the action was to preserve and make everyone aware of the Amazon rainforest.


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 The 2002 World Cup Champion traveled to Qatar and Greener carried out the carbon neutralization of his trip. Leaving from São Paulo to Doha, capital of the host country of the 2022 World Cup, thousands of tons of carbon were spent. The compensation made by the GPT (Greener Preservation Token) guarantees the preservation of the Amazon rain forest and the continuity of social projects in the region.

Star on the football field and in the environment field.

 That Ronaldinho Gaúcho has done everything with the ball at his feet, everyone knows. But what about him being an ace regarding environmental awareness? Ronaldinho arrived in Qatar wearing a necklace made from material from the Amazon forest, and he attracted the spotlight and general curiosity around the artifact.

 The necklace, fully made in the Amazon rainforest,  where a social project works to reforest the forest, carrying out a fundamental action to increase the sustainable stock of legal wood, capture CO2 and reduce the greenhouse effect. That is, the piece used by Ronaldinho, much more than an item of clothing, is a symbol of environmental preservation.

 R10 showed that he is not only skilled with the ball, but is also talented when it comes to taking care of nature. He also gifted the oil industry businessman, Emir Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, with a necklace just like his and also delivered a Greener NFT specially designed by plastic artist Flavia Braun, an exclusive artwork, called We all need the Amazon. Positively impacting the environment, each NFT already directly offsets the carbon emitted.

 A gesture of appreciation of the Brazilian culture and the environment, in the setting of the biggest football stage in the world.

Get your company on the greener initiative.

 Helping nature by saving the Amazon rainforest is an act that depends on each one of us. Do your part: the first step is to get to know Greener.


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