Greener offsets 5,000 tons of carbon from the 2022 São Paulo Formula 1 GP

The asset tokenization platform focused on the ESG agenda, Greener, which holds the GPT (Greener Preservation Token) identified the opportunity and made an incredible partnership with the organization of the São Paulo Formula 1 Grand Prix to offset the carbon generated during the 2022 event, which took place in November at Interlagos circuit, in the city of São Paulo.

One of the biggest sporting events on the planet, Formula 1 decided to adopt measures to preserve nature and São Paulo Grand Prix included, for the second consecutive year, ecologically sustainable actions in Brazil. With the partnership initiated in 2022, Greener was responsible for offsetting 5,000 tons of carbon in an operation linked to the preservation of the Amazon biome.

“Sustainability is one of the main pillars of Formula 1 and GP São Paulo today. For us, being able to be part of our compensation through the preservation of the Amazon rainforest is something that goes beyond fulfilling a requirement, it is an action that makes us sure that we are contributing to the conservation of the planet, emphasized Francisco Mattos, Executive Director of F1 GP São Paulo.

Greener’s CEO Gustavo Ene highlighted the importance of this partnership. “This is the first global event with the participation of the Greener platform, a great opportunity to draw attention to the importance of the mission of this token, which will conserve around 34 million cubic meters of standing wood (forest) and put 74.2 million tons of active green carbon in circulation, resulting from the process of environmental preservation, the latter amount even considered among the largest in the world”.


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